Insanity - Appendix 3

Good and Evil

It is often relatively easy to speak about evil, for the simple reason that we all know something about it. It is in all our hearts. On the other hand it is often difficult to speak about what is good. This world is full of evil. However, it comes out in different ways in different people. Not all are thieves, not all are liars, not all are rapists and so on. If everyone were all these things and every other evil as well the world would not be liveable in. The world would be in a constant state of pandemonium. There would be no restraint. However, because the majority of people are not kleptomaniacs (inveterate thieves) it is possible for those who are not to place those that are under restraint (prison or whatever). Evil is thus kept within bounds. If an evil becomes dominant then war often results. Take for example the war that resulted in the defeat of Hitlerite Germany.

When people become insane they often expose their own evil tendencies. They may get delusions of grandeur. The pride of their hearts comes out in that way. Were they sane they would realise that they were not Queen of whatever, but when their reason is dethroned what they would like to be becomes a reality in their minds. If they have a suspicious nature they will probably start saying that someone is after them, trying to poison them or something similar. If they are marked by unclean desires they will probably put them into practice if their minds are deranged. They will expose themselves in public, use obscene language etc.; things they would have been afraid to do in the normal way. When a person who normally would not do the foregoing evil things and maybe others starts to do them it could well be because he is losing his mind in some way. What we need to see is that when a person becomes insane it is not that he is acquiring certain thoughts that he did not have before, but that the thoughts he had before are no longer restrained by him, but he lets them come out freely. We cannot, properly speaking, acquire additional knowledge or impulses by going insane any more than our genes can be improved by mutating; the result of mental defects can only result in our speech and practice going downhill.

December 2000